Wedding Cakes ~ Information & Enquiry form

How to book

A little few helpful notes on how to prepare to book.

first try and find out what style you would like , fondant covered which is really smooth rolled out icing , ganache covered , fairly smooth made with white chocolate and cream so its as delicious as it sounds or semi naked ( where you can see the cake through the ganache / frosting. screen shots of ideas are perfect for creating a mood board. ( please remember I do not copy other cake makers designs however they are useful for visual inspiration )

take into account , your colour scheme / the venue your hiring and the theme , so elegant or rustic. try to get everything to flow , an ornate fancy cake in a barn or a semi naked cake in a fancy castle can sometimes look out of place. however , whimsical or an alternative style can fit almost anywhere … so … i guess im saying choose what you want if you like it <3

size / servings , ok so bluntly , not everyone will eat cake , you know there is so much food at weddings and some people don’t like cake ( we don’t talk about those people 😉 aka savoury people s/ ) so don’t feel like you need enough servings for everyone and then some , unless you love cake then go for it ! a bonus is most of our cakes can be frozen after your event , so if you do have too much , cut it up into slices , wrap in cling film pop in an air tight box and freeze. perfect for breakfast for the rest of the year ! our serving guides are based on 1inch wide by 1 inch deep by 6 inches tall , you don’t have to cut your cake this way, you can cut it 1x2x6 or 2x2x6 or 1x1x6 then half it its your cake to eat as you please , they are just a guide so you can try to estimate the size of cake you like. I always advise my couples to choose a smaller cake if they cant decide , as you can request for it to be bigger closer to the time , but you cannot make your order smaller.

Budget – do you have a budget in mind ? .. so before I made cakes I had no clue on the cost, not I don’t expect you to, if you think of how much you pay for a slice of cake at a coffee shop , allow that for each guest you wish to give cake to. this is pone of the easiest ways to get a rough idea.

cake stands and table dressing – does your venue have a cake stand ? if so ask to see it , check it will fit with your design and colour scheme, we do hire out a few stands so your welcome to ask about these. your cake table , will it only be having the cake on ? if your having an event dresser ask what options are available to showcase your cake , all too often cakes are sent to sit on a lonely undressed table with a creased table cloth while all the other tables are dressed stunningly. just bare it in mind when arranging your other tables , a matching table runner and a few matching decorative items can really tie it together.

how to book , scroll down to see our starting prices and flavour lists , submit an enquiry form , don’t worry its not all set in stone until we have mutually agreed size and design, you secure your order with a £50 non refundable retainer , this saves your date, if you booking is over £200 pre delivery charges you can have a complementary taster box of cakes. if you know you want us to do your cake but your unsure on design and size , your more than welcome to still save your date with us while you gather your inspiration , it means its another tick on your list and you dont need to stress about finding a cake maker. you don’t want to commit until you have tasted our cakes? no problem , you can order a box of tasters for £30


We are not holding any face to face consultations as standard. One can be booked but these will incur an extra fee

Taster boxes are £30 however you will be able to book 1 complementary taster box when you pay your booking fee. (minimum order cost for cake before delivery £200 )currently taster boxes are made bi monthly with pre chosen flavours , please watch our social media for when they are available for booking. Collection south shields


If you would like to book us to make your cake, a booking fee of £50 is required to secure your date. This is non refundable or transferable. 50% of your total balance will be due 6 months or upon quotation ( I will give you your date at your consultation) and your final balance is due 1 month before your wedding. Please note all payments are non refundable and non transferable. Orders can not be made smaller. Any alterations must be requested in writing and confirmed. Any extra costs will be added onto your order

Full terms and conditions can be found on our Terms and conditions page


Prices for our cakes will depend on many factors including size, design complexity, amount of sugar flowers etc. Please get in touch if you would like a quote for something specific. We have a starting price list for standard cakes & sizes


If requested, we will deliver and set up your cake on the morning of your wedding at a time mutually agreed between The Cake Place & your venue. We deliver to venues across the North East. Please get in touch for a quote.

​It could be possible to deliver slightly further afield but would be subject to an additional delivery charge and a minimum cake order of £600.00.

Please note that we only allow customer collection for cakes during opening times and any damage caused to the cake after they leave the shop is the responsibility of the customer. ( more info in our terms and conditions


We have a few cake stands & dessert plates that can be hired to accompany your cake. We charge from £10 per stand to hire for 4 days and a security retainer in case of any loss or damage. The bond will be refunded once you have returned the stand to us. the cost of the Retainer is the cost to replace the item.

the hire fee is for 4 days & items returned to us. Late returns incur an extra charge, we can go back to your venue to collect hired items , if this is required please let us know and we will advise the cost for this however as we know you may be jetting off on your honey moon we are more than happy to help.

all stands must be returned without damage to us with in the stated time. Photos will be taken at time of delivery. broken/ damaged items will need replacing and you will loose your retainer . items not returned within the allotted time will be reordered by us and you will loose your retainer.

*Brand New *
Glass Mosser cake stand
available in
6” £60 retainer £10 hire fee
10” £80 retainer £10 hire fee
12” £90 retainer £10 hire fee

please note at this time we only hire stands to our customers who order a cake or dessert table.

Dessert tables, sweet treats & favours.

Our dessert tables are a beautiful addition to complement your cake , choose whatever suits you best.

Our starting prices are below and bespoke item prices are available upon request. Each item comes in a batch of 12 , for example for the small dessert table it would be your choice from the menu , eg 12 cupcake 12 iced biscuits and 12 cake pops 36 items in total.

Small desert table from £72 ~ choose 3 items to accompany and complement your cake total of 36 sweet treats

medium dessert table from £144 ~ choose 6 items to accompany and complement your cake. total of 72 sweet treats

Luxury, lets go all out, dessert table £240 ~one batch of everything please total of 120 sweet treats

Bespoke create your own desert table , choose any items and as many batches as you like all individually priced. minimum order of 12 per item eg 12 cupcakes

Cupcakes , iced cookies cakepsicles and geode hearts include minimal decoration to complement your cake design, extra decoration can be added at an extra charge.

Favours or table place settings

We are happy to provide a quote for hand made iced cookies with names on for place settings (individually bagged price, price depends on names)minimum order of 12.

Or cookies with your initials on for favours (a personalised embosser will be ordered specially for your order can have any writing you like on.) individually bagged , prices start from £2.50 each minimum order of 12.

At a glance availability 2022.

correct as of 29th November 2021,

this will be used in case of a cake emergency
if you don't have your venue sorted yet , fear not , just put in that you don't know yet
if you don't have your venue sorted yet , fear not , just put in that you don't know yet
delivery and set up charges apply
please let me know if there are any allergies , if non , put none in the box. I need to be aware of any allergies for your cake order. all our cakes contain eggs, wheat, dairy they may contain , nuts, sulphites. if you require a cake for someone with an allergy please fill out the form and jo will discuss allergy requests via reply.
serving slices are approximate and based on 1''x1'' by 6'' finger slices. Round cakes
select a finish for your cake , different finishes cost different amounts this just helps me price up you cake , if your not sure select not sure. PLEASE NOTE WE NO LONGER DO SEMI-NAKED CAKES
please note minimum order of cupcakes per flavour is 12
do not select this option if you only require a single tier
do not select this option if you only require a single tier
do not select this option if you only require a single tier
do not select this option if you only require a single tier
add in any ideas you have for the design, if you have images of ideas that's perfect , send them in you next email to me. please enter as much information as possible as this helps me to price up your cakes
this is for extras on the cake , for example , sugar flowers, fresh flowers* , dried flowers, acrylic toppers, wedding couple toppers please note I do not supply fresh flowers , these must be sourced via your florist and delivery to me arranged.
this is for fresh flowers only. I do not supply fresh flowers they are to be sourced by you so your flowers are the correct ones. please also keep in mind that some flowers are poisonous and should be on cakes. A SMALL CHARGE WILLBE ADDED IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO ARANGE YOUR FLOWERS ON THE CAKE , AS THIS CAN TAKE AN HOUR TO TRIM , PREP AND MAKE FOOD SAFE. if you do not want this and would prefer your florist to do it please let me know <3
please note any images sent will be used as inspiration only. we do not copy other cake makers cake , each cake is bespoke and made using our style.
This is an enquiry form & you are under no obligation to purchase the cake until your estimate has been agreed too.  Cakes will be Booked in with a £50 non refundable retainer once we have confirmed order details.
pop in your name and your preferred pronoun next to it<3
please read our terms and conditions before paying your retainer , by paying a retainer you are agreeing to them. any queries please ask

At a glace availability 2021.. 2022 will be up loaded soon(ish)