Terms and conditions ~Wedding orders~

*COVID 19 update to terms and conditions to all orders already booked and new bookings going forward.

As we are in an unusual situation due to Covid19, I’m happy to postpone any cakes that will be affected due to a lockdown where celebrations cant be held. (full lockdown)

If you have requested a date change both parties must agree to the new proposed date. As Covid 19 is known situation now we are not able to offer refunds for cancelations due to covid and our standard callcelation policy still applies.

If products have been bought for your cake this will be taken from any payments over the save the date fee. If we have already started your order , we will refund what work we have not yet done. Please understand that we are small business trying to navigate a terrible and confusing situation we will do our best to be fair.

Any and all cakes booked after 20th march 2020 if postponed may incur a small extra charge if the cost of ingredients and supplies go up in price. We urge you to book a smaller cake and then if necessary make the cake larger if restrictions lift. Please also note you must contact us 7 days before the cake is due to arrange an appointment to collect.

All our regular terms and conditions still apply.

sugar rose with dried foliage

we reserve the right to revise and amend our terms and conditions at any time without notice

With all enquires I send these Terms & Conditions, please read through and familiarise your self with them. Any questions please ask, also please note your cake order or class will not be booked without a retainer and by paying a retainer you are agreeing to our T’s & Cs – retainers are non refundable and non transferable. * unless affected by Covid19
Quotes are valid for 20 days, after which a new quote will be given.

Booking fee

Retainers and booking fees payable via bank transfer, please contact Jo for the details bank transfer. Please let us know once you have sent payment so we can confirm.

£50 booking fee, saves your date and you will get 1 box of complementary tasters for orders over £200 before delivery fees (currently these are done when we have availability please keep a check on our Facebook/Instagram posts and stories for when we are doing them and they are set flavours different boxes different months) £50 booking fee is non refundable and non transferable.

I do not hold spaces unless a booking fee has been sent if your booking fee is not received within 24 hours please request availability again.


Remaining & outstanding payments can be done whenever you feel comfortable, as long as 50% is paid 6 months prior and the remaining balance is paid 1 month before collection or delivery. your £50 booking fee will come off your final payment ( for example if your cake order is £200 the remaining payment is £150) it is your responsibility to keep track of payments , failure to pay will result in us not making your cake


We cannot copy another cake makers work, all cakes will be made in a similar style but not exactly the same if pictures were shown/sent. We will do our best to match any colour requests for icing but we cannot guarantee an exact colour match as colours present differently in different materials. We aim for a perfect match but this is not always possible. You are more than welcome to provide a swatch of material to help us colour match but please bare in made this is a hand made item and wont be exact. Also note screens and resolutions distort colours and these are not the best for us to work from.


while all precautions are taken in our kitchen, we cannot guarantee a nut free environment. Cakes may also contain soya, wheat, gluten, dairy and in some cases fruit. we handle all of these allergens in our kitchen on a regular basis. we are extremely careful with allergy cakes but can not guarantee they are free from allergens.
If you have an allergy it is the customers responsibility to make the cake place aware so we can provide a cake to your specification. it is also the customers responsibility to advise guests of this.

Cake order amendments

due to everything being bespoke and hand made, flavour changes & colour changes must be requested BEFORE we start your order, for wedding cakes everything must be confirmed 1 moth before delivery/ collection. Size and quantity amendments, given we have time & availability you can make your cake order bigger and add extras, for example dessert tables cupcakes. however once we have booked your order in we can not make your order smaller. The reason for this is we book out a selected amount of time for an order and don’t take on more than we have time for.

change of date , I can reschedule your date if we are available , within 1 year of the original date. We reserve the right to amend prices inline with current prices for the new date.


The customer is responsible for booking all fresh and or dried flowers, please note some flowers are toxic and should be avoided. We can not be held responsible for the quality or quantity of flowers provided to us by the florist. Sugar flowers made by us will not be edible and will contain foam balls and wiring for support, please remove these before eating the cake.

Delivery and after care for your cake.

we are happy to deliver and set up a cake at a venue, we must know in advance where the cake is to be placed. Once we have delivered a cake we will take a photo, we can take no responsibility of the cake being damaged once we have left the venue. Once the cake has been set up we recommend the cake does not get moved if it is moved by the venue we can not take responsibility if the cake gets damaged. All tiered cakes are supported with dowels and then secured together with royal icing. We recommend the cake be eaten on the day of the celebration. If there is any left over be sure to wrap it up and eat it the next day or contact us on advice on freezing.
Delivery costs are non refundable.

We will do our very best to deliver but cannot be held responsible if we cant deliver due to adverse weather conditions or hazards on route to your venue

Note* if the cake is to be set up in a marquee, a hot room or in front of a window in the sun this can cause the cake to melt, we cannot take responsibility for this only advise to keep the cake cool and out of sunlight.

If you choose to collect and set up your own cake we have a few details on how to keep it safe.
Please note once the cake leaves us it is no longer our responsibility to keep it safe
All orders are to be collected at your appointment time from South Shields. please stick to your appointment time as we will not be there otherwise. Late arrivals will incur a charge. Collection days and times are Tuesdays and Fridays between 11am & 2pm. I will not be here at any other times for collection unless pre arranged and agreed upon. If you require our delivery and set up service please let us know this will be arranged and quoted. Your cake will be boxed up and ready for transport. Cakes are to be transported on a flat surface, the boot of your car is usually the best place. Drive smoothly with slow corners and smooth accelarition and braking
Transport your cake flat on the floor of the boot or passenger side floor.
Not on the car seats or on someone’s knee.
Do not leave your cake in a hot car take it straight home or to the venue and store as detailed above.
Stacked cakes need to be handled with more care
Please drive carefully, although your cake will have been stacked over night it is still fragile.

Fondant covered cakes
~ Keep your cake stored at room temperature and in the box provided.
Frosted & Ganache cakes
~ keep at room temperature, in hotter weather store in the fridge, remove from the fridge and allow to come to room temperature before eating.


by you the customer , once the booking is confirmed you are responsible for the cake cost, we advise getting wedding insurance in the event that anything changes and you need to cancel your order . if you cancel 6 months before your wedding date , no cancelation fee will be invoiced. If you cancel between 6 & 3 months before your wedding date 50% of your quote will be invoiced. for cancelations 3 months and less before your wedding date 100% of your quote will be invoiced. cancelations must be emailed in and confirmed by us. Booking fees are non refundable and non transferable.

Cancellation by us – if we need to cancel your order , due to unforeseen circumstances or we are unable to fulfil your order , all monies will be refunded to you. However we reserve the right to cancel with no refund if the customer is being rude or abusive.

Complaints and issues are very rare and we take them very seriously. If there are any problems with your cake we must be notified within 48 hours. We will assess the cake and discuss how best to move forward. We only issue refunds if the cake is deemed inedible and the maximum refund we offer is the value of the cake, if the cake is returned to us in full. Further compensation is not available. Issues with cakes that are being collected must be brought up at collection with regards design , or within 48 hours if there is an issue with the cake.