Terms and Conditions

1        Orders

We require 3 months notice for wedding cake and special occasion cakes especially in busy periods during May – October. On shorter notice we will do our best to accommodate you!

A 50% non refundable non exchangeable deposit is required to secure your order, or full payment of orders which are below £20.If a deposit is not paid the cake will not be booked in.

Cash & card deposits can be paid in the shop

179a Sunderland road

South Shields

Ne34 6AD

Or via bank transfer

If paying by bank transfer please let us know once you have sent payment so we can confirm.

All orders are to be collected from the shop during opening times and collection time will be arranged with the cake place, if you require our delivery and set up service please let us know.

We cannot copy another cake makers work, all cakes will be made in a similar style but not exactly the same if pictures were shown/sent.

Allergies: while all precautions are taken in our kitchen, we cannot guarantee a nut free environment. Cakes may also contain soya, wheat, gluten, dairy and in some cases fruit.

If you have an allergy it is the customers responsibility to make the cake place aware so we can provide a cake to your specification. (while most of our cakes are dairy free some of the frosting a we use is made in the same factories as dairy products. We are also not a dairy free kitchen and although all cross infected controls are observed and carried out to the highest level we can not guarantee dairy free).

The icing on the cakes will contain artificially colours and recent research has found a link between hyperactivity in children and some artificial colours.

Please see the website for full terms and conditions www.thecake-place.co.uk

A 50% non refundable non transferable deposit is required to book the date for your cake, the remaining payment is to be paid 1 month before the delivery date for wedding cakes, 1 week before delivery of other celebration cakes and on collection of cakes(if collecting from the shop).

Delivery costs are non refundable

Quotes are valid for 20 days, after which a new quote will be given.


2        Deposits

To book a slot for your Wedding Date (for a wedding cake) – a non refundable/non exchangeable deposit is required this will be half the total cost of the cake.

To book a slot for your Celebration Cake – a non refundable/non exchangeable deposit is required this will be half of the total cost of your cake.

Deposits are due once an order has been placed and details checked and agreed by you. You can book a slot and decide on a cake or flavours at a later date.

Please Note: – All deposits are lost on cancellations.

Once a client has booked a cake and paid a deposit, the price of that cake is then held and will not go up in price unless changes to that cake are made then the price will be adjusted accordingly.

This does not apply to delivery – a  quote will be given at the time of booking.

3        Payments

Full Balance is due no later than 28 days prior to wedding date and 7 days for a celebration cake. Payments are preferred using cash or card in our shop or bank transfers cash can be used if agreed at time of booking. We can also raise an invoice for deposits and full payments via e-mail if required.

4        Non payment

Please note, that if full payment of the wedding cake is not received 28 days prior to the delivery, collection and/or set up, it is assumed that the cake has been cancelled. The cancellation policy (section 6) therefore applies in all cases.

If after the 28 days deadline you try to make a payment, we reserve the right to refuse your trade in all cases with full loss of your deposit.

5        Problem Payments

In the unlikely event that you have problems with your wedding arrangements, which may include payments for services from The Cake Place, it is recommended that you purchase wedding Insurance to cover all eventualities. This will give both you and your wedding service providers peace of mind and will avoid any unnecessary problems.

6        Cancellation policy

If for any reason it is necessary for you to cancel your order the following will apply.

All cancellations of orders must be in writing – (Please Note: – All deposits are lost on cancellations and are not exchangeable for another type of cake).

If you cancel your order with The Cake Place after full payment has been made (within 28 days of delivery date for a wedding cake or 7 days for a celebration cake) no refunds will be made to you (the client) under any circumstances.

If you cancel your order with The Cake Place before the final 28 day payment is due, the payments that you have made will be returned, but you will loose your initial deposit as stated above.

Therefore we recommend that you take out wedding insurance to cover all eventualities

7        Change of Wedding Date

If for any reason you wish to re-arrange the date of your wedding. The Cake Place will try its best to accommodate these changes without any additional charges provided sufficient notice is given and that we are able to provide a cake for the re-arranged wedding date.

However if we are fully booked on your new wedding date and cannot provide the wedding cake. It will not be possible to refund your deposit.

If you cancel your wedding cake order with The Cake Place after requesting a change of date no refunds will be made to you (the client) under any circumstances.

We recommend that you take out wedding insurance to cover all eventualities

8        Deposits for loaned items

We have certain products we loan out please contact us for specifics.

We ask for a deposit and a loan charge, this covers the item in-case it is damaged or not returned.

This deposit will be refunded on safe return of the loaned items, provided it has not suffered any damage whatsoever, cuts, chips, scratches, breakages, cracks, rips, tears, dents, bending, staining and discolouration.

All hired equipment should be returned clean and in fully working condition.

Violation of any agreement can result in The Cake Place withholding the deposit in part or full, as to the cost of replacing the item/s in question. In addition, failure to return the hired equipment on the specified day will carry a penalty of loss of deposit.

9    Delivery and Setting up

Delivery is available, however must be pre arranged with The Cake Place & will incur a charge

Where delivery has been booked, we will do our utmost to deliver the cake/s to the venue, but The Cake Place cannot be held responsible for any delays or not being able to get to the venue if it is impossible due to the road, traffic or weather conditions.

Due to unforeseen circumstances The Cake Place has the right to cancel delivery at any time and will let the client know as soon as possible so they can make alternative arrangements.

The cake is usually delivered the day before the event or on the day.

Deliveries the day before – The venue is asked to store the cake in a cool room and are shown which way the cake should be assembled. The Cake Place cannot be held responsible for where the cakes are finally stored or how the venue have set up the cake.

On the day (setting up) – We will try to ensure that your cake is presented at its very best, but we cannot be held responsible for the location of the cake at the venue, the stability or levelness of the table upon which the cake is displayed or items surrounding the cake. Please ensure, therefore, that the cake presentation table is level, stable and strong enough to hold the cake.

(Please remember that under conditions as are found in a hot room, next to radiators, in front of glass windows with the sun blazing through etc, that iced sugar paste cakes can become soft and warm and chocolate covered cakes can melt under extreme conditions as are found within a marquee on a hot summers day).

Once the cake has been collected or delivered, The Cake Place cannot be held responsible for any interference or damage to the cake.


Delivery costs are non refundable

Quotes are valid for 20 days, after which a new quote will be given.

Delivery and after care for your cake. – we are happy to deliver and set up a cake at a venue, we must know in advance where the cake is to be placed. Once we have delivered a cake we will take a photo, we can take no responsibility of the cake being damaged once we have left the venue. Once the cake has been set up we recommend the cake does not get moved if it is moved by the venue we can not take responsibility if the cake gets damaged. All tiered cakes are supported with dowels and then secured together with royal icing. We recommend the cake be eaten on the day of the wedding / celebration.

If there are any problems with the wedding cake we must be notified within 48 hours. We will assess the cake and discuss how best to move forward. We only issue refunds if the cake is deemed inedible and the maximum refund we offer is the value of the cake, if the cake is returned to us in full. Further compensation is not available.

Note* if the cake is to be set up in a marquee, a hot room or in front of a window in the sun this can cause the cake to melt, we cannot take responsibility for this only advise to keep the cake cool and out of sunlight.


10      Ownership rights (Who owns the cake and when)

The relationship between The Cake Place and the client (the purchaser of the cake) and any product(s) purchased by the client from The Cake Place are clear in law. The client owns the cake once they have paid for them in full and has been delivered to the venue, by prior agreement with Jo-Anne Johnston owner of The Cake Place.

The responsibility of ensuring the cake remains in good order lies with the owner of the cake. The transfer of ownership also equates to the transfer of responsibility. For example, when ownership of the cake is transferred to the client it becomes the client’s responsibility to ensure the cake remains in good order.

If the client fails to pay the full amount for the cake and/or products, as agreed and stated on the order form, then ownership of the products remains with The Cake Place and not the client.

11        Design Rights

During the consultation process the client will view a range of existing cake designs (dummy cakes, sample products and pictures of previously designed cakes) developed by Jo-Anne Johnston for The Cake Place. The client selects a design, variation of a design or part/combinations of various designs developed by the company. This is standard practice within the industry.

The Cake Place have the ownership rights of all cake/edible product designs, this is not transferred to the client on ownership of the cake/product.

This is important because it means that The Cake Place has the right to publish and sell the aforementioned cake design to other clients.

The Cake Place can not and will not copy other bakers designs.

12        Publication and Promotional Rights

All cake designs used by Jo-Anne Johnston remain the property of The Cake Place. The client has no ownership rights over any cake design. We reserve the rights to re-use and publish our photographs of the client’s cake as and when required.

By Signing an Order Form the client hereby agrees that Jo-Anne Johnston of The Cake Place is the sole designer and owner of the final cake design.

13        Allergies

It is the responsibility of the customer to advise us of any allergies when ordering a cake. All or cakes contain soya, wheat, and eggs. Some cakes may contain dairy or weigh. we cannot guarantee nut free.

14       Queries and Comments

If you have any queries or comments regarding these Terms and Conditions please do not hesitate to contact me.

15 Information we need :

Telephone number

Your name

Date for collection

Flavour of cake

Colour of cake& board(per tier)

Name for the cake

Age on the cake

Ribbon colour

Any special requirements or allergies.

By placing an order with the cake place you agree with terms and conditions.

16 Complaints


Corrections and repairs to cakes, including inscription misspellings/mistakes (not including a change of inscription or change of mind/design), can be corrected on the same day in most cases. You are required to give us this opportunity and must let us know of the problem within one hour of accepting your cake. We are not be responsible for mistakes made by the customer i.e. incorrect/misspelled names or incorrect choice of cake.

Complaints are extremely rare and so we take them very seriously. Some complaints may require further investigation and an immediate refund may not always be possible. Cakes, or part of cakes, must be returned within three days to ensure we are able to fairly assess the nature of the complaint. The cake must have been stored at the correct temperature and in the box we supplied, out of the sun and away from damp conditions or heat. Refunds will be given on the basis of the cake being inedible. The Cake Place will not take responsibility for personal taste. The maximum refund we offer is the value of the cake. Further compensation is not available. We do not refund for customers that have simply changed their mind.

In the unlikely event that The Cake Place is unable to fulfil your order due to circumstances beyond our control, we will do our best to find you an alternative, if there is no suitable alternative available we will refund any money held for your order, the maximum refund we offer is the value of the cake. Further compensation is not available.