Term’s & Conditions

With all enquires I send these Terms & Conditions, please read through and familiarise your self with them. Any questions please ask, also please note your cake / class will not be booked without a retainer and by paying a retainer you are agreeing to our T’s & Cs – retainers are non refundable and non transferable.

We do ask for at least 1 month notice for a cake as all our cakes are made fresh , sometimes we need longer if we’ve are busy. If we can book in last minute cakes however we do need 2 full weeks to make your cake of we are not fully booked.

A 50% non refundable non exchangeable retainer is required to secure your order, or full payment of orders which are below £20.If a retainer is not paid the cake will not be booked in.

All our cakes are made fresh and we require at least 2 weeks notice sometimes a few months notice depending on date availability.

Cash & card deposits can be paid in the shop

179a Sunderland road

South Shields

Ne34 6AD

Or via bank transfer

If paying by bank transfer please let us know once you have sent payment so we can confirm.

All orders are to be collected from the shop during opening times and collection time will be arranged with the cake place, if you require our delivery and set up service please let us know. Your cake will be boxed up and ready for transport. Cakes are to be transported on a flat surface, the boot of your car is usually the best place.

Cake order amendments, due to everything being bespoke and hand made, flavour changes & colour changes must be requested BEFORE we start your order, in most cases we will need 3 weeks notice due to ordering.

Size and quantity amendments, given we have time & availability you can make your cake order bigger and add extras, for example dessert tables cupcakes. however once we have booked your order in we can not make your order smaller. The reason for this is we book out a selected amount of time for an order and don’t take on more than we have time for.

Cake After Care instructions

Fondant covered cakes

~ Keep your cake stored at room temperature and in the box provided.

Frosted & Ganache cakes

~ keep at room temperature, in hotter weather store in the fridge, remove from the fridge and allow to come to room temperature before eating.

All Cakes ~

All our cakes are made to be eaten on the day of collection or the day after.

Unless otherwise stated all cakes are fresh and you can freeze them if you don’t manage to eat all of the cake.


~ Transport your cake flat on the floor of the boot or passenger side floor.

Not on the car seats or on someone’s knee.

~ Do not leave your cake in a hot car take it straight home or to the venue and store as detailed above.

~Stacked cakes need to be handled with more care,

Please drive carefully, although your cake will have been

stacked over night it is still fragile.

We cannot copy another cake makers work, all cakes will be made in a similar style but not exactly the same if pictures were shown/sent. We will do our best to match any colour requests for icing but we cannot guarantee an exact colour match as colours present differently in different materials. We aim for a perfect match but this is not always possible.

Allergies: while all precautions are taken in our kitchen, we cannot guarantee a nut free environment. Cakes may also contain soya, wheat, gluten, dairy and in some cases fruit.

If you have an allergy it is the customers responsibility to make the cake place aware so we can provide a cake to your specification. We are also not a dairy free kitchen and although all cross infected controls are observed and carried out to the highest level we can not guarantee dairy free.

The icing on the cakes will contain artificially colours and recent research has found a link between hyperactivity in children and some artificial colours.

A 50% non refundable non transferable retainer  is required to book the date for your cake, the remaining payment is to be paid 1 month before the delivery date for wedding cakes, 1 week before celebration cakes.

Delivery costs are non refundable.

Quotes are valid for 20 days, after which a new quote will be given.

Delivery and after care for your cake. – we are happy to deliver and set up a cake at a venue, we must know in advance where the cake is to be placed. Once we have delivered a cake we will take a photo, we can take no responsibility of the cake being damaged once we have left the venue. Once the cake has been set up we recommend the cake does not get moved if it is moved by the venue we can not take responsibility if the cake gets damaged. All tiered cakes are supported with dowels and then secured together with royal icing. We recommend the cake be eaten on the day of the wedding / celebration.

If there are any problems with the wedding cake we must be notified within 48 hours. Issues with celebration cakes must be brought up at collection with regards design , our within 48hours if there is an issue with the cake. We will assess the cake and discuss how best to move forward. We only issue refunds if the cake is deemed inedible and the maximum refund we offer is the value of the cake, if the cake is returned to us in full. Further compensation is not available.

Note* if the cake is to be set up in a marquee, a hot room or in front of a window in the sun this can cause the cake to melt, we cannot take responsibility for this only advise to keep the cake cool and out of sunlight.


Corrections and repairs to cakes being collected, including inscription misspellings/mistakes (not including a change of inscription or change of mind/design), can be corrected on the same day in most cases.